What Does the Colour of Your Flower Bouquet Mean?

What Does the Colour of Your Flower Bouquet Mean?

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When you see a flower, you notice its colour even before you take in the scent, shape, and arrangement. A flower bouquet's colour is one of the features that creates their visual beauty.

And what makes the colours more interesting is that they symbolize unique messages. This means that instead of writing down a message to someone, you can use symbolic flower colours to express your feelings.

If you wish to understand the meaning of your flower bouquet, we’ve got you covered. Below are the various flower colours and what they represent.

1. Red Flowers

This flower colour is one of the most popular and commonly seen. It is mostly used in romantic movies and on various romantic occasions. Red flowers send a romantic message of intense love and desire.

It enables you to clearly express your powerful love to the recipient. This is linked to red being the colour most symbolically alike to the heart.

Red is the common colour of desire and seduction. If you want to convey a romantic message, red gerbera, red tulips, and red carnations will be appropriate for you to choose in your bouquet.

2. Pink Flowers

Pink flowers are less intense than red flowers. They are the go-to flower bouquet to convey innocence, sensitivity, playfulness, and femininity.

From pink chrysanthemums to pink roses to pink carnations, this flower colour is beautiful to behold. It also has a romantic connotation for many people.

3. White Flowers

White represents innocence and purity across varying cultures. The unblemished appearance of a white flower is adequate to convey the meaning of innocence and elegance. This is one of the reasons it is usually used in bridal flowers.

Calla lilies, carnations, daisies, and orchids are gorgeous flowers to behold and are perfect to express the meaning of the colour white with their pearlescent petals.

4. Purple Flowers

The soft appearance of purple flowers is enchanting and mysterious. This colour is associated with elegance, grace, charm, and sophistication. A purple flower arrangement can also make an immense romantic impression.

Combined with its ethereal elements, when given to a romantic partner, it enhances the relationship by expressing your feelings poignantly and exquisitely.

Anemone, clematis, hydrangea, calla lily, pincushion, balloon flower, and bell heather can be the stars of a beautiful purple flower bouquet.

5. Lavender Flowers

Looking superficially similar to purple flowers, lavender flowers have different meanings attached to them. They are associated with youth, elegance, and grace. Daisies, orchids, and petunias are good lavender flowers to send a message linked to elegance or grace.

6. Green Flowers

Green flowers are unique and brilliantly attractive. They blend easily with natural environments. The green colour is associated with life and a youthful outlook.

Offering this colour of flower to a patient in the hospital sends the goodwill message that you wish them a quick recovery. Using these flowers as a gift for the aged would be an amazing way to let them know you wish them more life, health, and wellness.

The green colour of these flower arrangements blend easily with any environment that they are placed in. This makes them one of the most sought-after flower arrangements for architectural decoration and beautification.

7. Yellow Flowers

Yellow is known to represent joy and happiness. Offering flowers of this colour to someone is just the right way to spread excitement to them.

Mixed with green flowers they can improve the mood in a room and brighten anyone's day. Some amazing yellow flowers are daisies, roses, tulips, sunflowers, and lilies.

In a Nutshell

There you have it! These are the various colours of flowers and what they mean.

Now, when you walk into a flower shop or visit an online florist, you will be armed with the knowledge to create the perfect flower bouquet to convey your feelings to the receiver.

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