What Do Different Colours of Roses Mean?

What Do Different Colours of Roses Mean?

Different colour of roses meaning

Beloved throughout ages for their beauty and fragrance, roses are versatile flowers that can add meaning to many occasions.

Roses can tell an endless variety of stories, from congratulating someone on the occasion of a wedding to just showing them you’re thinking of them. Send a rose bouquet to put a smile on the face of the lucky recipient. 

Rose colours span the rainbow and beyond. Each of these colours has a specific connotation where it can be used. In this post, we provide a rundown of the rose colours and their meanings. Read on to find out more.   

1. Red Roses

When one tries to picture a rose, a red rose usually comes to mind. Red is one of the most common rose colours. It is associated with passion and romance.
It also represents beauty and perfection. Whether it’s a date, wedding anniversary, or birthday, a bouquet of red roses is perfect for expressing your affection for the recipient. 

2. Orange Roses

If you’re looking for a rose to express sincerity and gratitude, orange should be your go-to colour. Energetic and warm orange roses symbolise passion, enthusiasm, and pride.

This is a great flower to help you express “I’m proud of you”.

3. Pink Roses

Pink roses symbolise sophistication, femininity, and appreciation.

A deep hot pink rose can express your gratitude or appreciation to a co-worker or loved one, while a pale pink rose can send a message of admiration and grace.

4. Green Roses

A little less common but not to be missed, green roses represent fertility, abundance, harmony, and a sense of balance. As a gift, green roses can lighten up the mood of the recipient and bring a feeling of peace and calm. They’re also often used as a bridal flower.

5. Lavender Roses

Splendour, richness, enchantment, and mystery are a few of the feelings that this complex and delightful colour evokes.

If you have a crush and want to enchant them and endear yourself to their heart, it’s about time you sent them some lavender roses. To conjure up an especially regal mood, go for darker shades of lavender.


6. Peach Roses

Also known as Champagne roses, Peach roses are great for expressing appreciation and gratitude.

Their charming and warm colour makes them an ideal choice to send to your significant other or business partner to subtly show that you owe them your loyalty.

It is also a colour to express sympathy to the family of the recently deceased.

7. Ivory Roses

Ivory roses have a slightly warmer tone than white roses. Ivory roses evoke charm, elegance, and luxury.

This rose serves a remarkable gift to someone who has a rich taste. It’s also a rose colour that you can use to let someone know that you have romantic feelings for them.

8. White Roses

White roses are commonly seen at weddings to signify beauty, purity, and innocence.

When a bride wants to signify love and commitment to the marriage, a bouquet of white roses comes in handy. The colour makes a statement that tells of a new beginning. 

9. Black Roses

Black roses are often seen on Halloween and carry an ominous and mysterious significance. If you want your place to look spooky, adorn it with black roses.

This colour also signifies death and is frequently found at funerals. 

10. Blue Roses

Just like black roses, blue roses radiate mystery – but they also signify desire. If you want to express your desire and lust, blue roses are up to the task.
Giving a blue rose to a woman means telling her that you want her.

11. Multicoloured Roses

Also known as rainbow roses, giving multicoloured roses are a fun and unique way to express joy and happiness.

They can convey positive emotions which are great for festive occasions like anniversaries and birthdays.


12. Mixed Colour Rose Bouquet

If you want to convey several messages and emotions with the same arrangement of roses, pick a variety of rose colours.

For example, mixing white and red can help you show how pure and romantic you are. Let us know if you wish to customise your flower bouquet with certain roses.


In a Nutshell 

Too many choices of rose colours may sometime make decision making difficult. With the guide above, we hope you’ll find it easier to pick the right roses.
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