Which Flowers are Best to Send for Birthday?

Which Flowers are Best to Send for Birthday?

Flowers for birthday

Flowers express many notions — I love you. You're beautiful. I miss you. Different flowers are suited to different occasions. Your relationship with the recipient will also determine the type of bouquet to give.   

For your relatives – your mum, grandma or sister – send them bright, cheerful flowers such as daisies or lilies. To add a touch of romance for the special one, roses are the obvious choice.  

When choosing the perfect flowers to give as a birthday gift, make sure that you take the time to consider the message that the bloom will send. Selecting a flower that suits your desired meaning can effectively make the receiver's birthday a special one.

For those who live in Klang Valley, you can use a flower delivery service in KL or PJ to present birthday flowers to your lover, friend or family member. 

The following flower bouquets from Flower Sugar are ideal for birthday celebrations.


Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars is a beautiful combination of three sunflowers standing amongst baby's breath. It is an ideal birthday present as it is associated with adoration, happiness and love. The beautifully displayed collection also expresses affection, the exquisite beauty of a person, and devotion to a relationship that lives an eternity. The Shooting Stars bouquet is ideal for a relative or spouse's birthday.



Fairy comprises 18 red and pink roses with heart-shaped willow branches and a touch of foliage. This pink and red bloom is particularly suitable for a young couple as they signify youthful, passionate love.

Giving a bouquet of pink and red roses as a birthday gift implies that you feel the recipient is young and beautiful. When you express your feelings in this way, it will not only warm the heart of your special lady but will also portray you as a person with the imagination and perception to give something different than the conventional single-colour bouquet.


Perfect You

Perfect You is a bouquet of sunflowers and roses. The sunflowers depict optimism and happiness, making them the perfect flowers to brighten a friend or partner's birthday. The bold, vibrant combination of sunflowers and roses represents joy and excitement.


Mixed Blossom 

Mixed Blossom is a harmonious mix of red and pink carnations. The red colour has long been synonymous with love, while the pink carnations symbolise fondness and motherly love. 

This bouquet represents your appreciation towards your loved ones for their birthday.


Simply White

Simply White is an elegant bouquet of white roses complemented by eucalyptus’ baby blue. The Eucalyptus is added to bring a touch of greenery.

Because of the presence of white roses, Simply White bouquet represents purity, innocence and youthfulness. They are also often associated with young love and eternal loyalty, making Simply White bouquet ideal for a lover's birthday.



Merci is one that can be made with either pink or blue hydrangeas (or a combination of both). The hydrangeas express true feelings and gratitude and are a great fit for wedding bouquets or table arrangements. 

Hydrangea bouquet conveys sincere emotions and the meaning of love. When you take a closer look at the individual blossoms, you’ll find that each resembles a heart, making them ideal for your partner’s or lover's birthday. However, they can also be presented to your mother on her birthday to say I love you!


In a Nutshell 

You can find all these flowers and more at Flower Sugar, your friendly flower shop in Kuala Lumpur.  The flower bouquets above will add colour and positive emotions to any birthday celebration. Whoever you’re sending birthday flowers to, make sure to include a card with a personalised message. A few carefully chosen words can make this thoughtful gift even more special. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us. 

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