Flowers as Gifts: The Reason Behind It

Flowers as Gifts: The Reason Behind It

reason behind flowers as gifts

Flowers are given to communicate different human emotions. It can be given to express love, friendship, peace — whatever the occasion, flowers can be given to anyone, anytime.

However, just like every other thing, the act of giving flowers also has a rich history. With that in mind, let’s look at a brief history of gifting flowers.

History, myths, and stories dating back to ancient Rome, China, Greece and Egypt show that flowers were an essential part of social custom.

Back then, flowers were used to express different emotions or feelings for different occasions. Greek mythology is also full of stories about specific flowers used to represent gods and goddesses. This tradition of giving flowers also carried on to the middle ages, especially among the English and French.

Today, the reason for giving flowers has evolved. Even though it may have started as just expressing love for another person, there are different reasons people choose to give flowers as well. Some of those reasons include:

  • Anniversary
  • Funeral
  • Birthday
  • Sympathy
  • Wedding
  • Get well soon, etc.

However, psychologists who focus on behavioural psychology have discovered that there's something more that happens when people present flowers.

1. Flowers Can Reduce Anxiety

A study conducted by a Harvard psychologist, Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., showed that people felt less negative emotions after living in a home with flowers for a few days. In her study, she also reported that people who work with flowers in their office said that, "it is a Zen experience in and of itself."

Also, when you go to an environment where there are beautiful flowers all around, you immediately feel safe and welcomed. Therefore, if you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, flowers are the way to go!

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2. Flowers Create True Smiles and Happiness

Most people have a way of doing that fake smile for the sake of being polite or to seem friendly.

But a genuine smile is something different, something real. Scientists refer to this kind of smile as a Duchenne smile, as (for some people) it happens involuntarily.

The corner of the mouth turns upward, the cheeks rise, and the eyes narrow, showing crow's feet or wrinkles at the corners.

When psychologists at Rutgers wanted to uncover how people responded to receiving flowers, the Duchenne smile was one factor they looked out for.

The psychologists discovered that, in addition to genuine smiles, those who received flower gifts become more warm and engaged. They even show social signs of interest by moving closer to the giver.

3. Flowers Change Perception

The Rutgers study also revealed that flowers could leave a positive impact long after you gift them. The report stated that "good-mood effect post-flower delivery can last for days."

Both the giver and receiver are often seen in a good light. Therefore, if you want to change a person's perception of you, give them flowers as often as you can.

4. Flowers Have a Butterfly Effect

It's a known fact that moods are contagious. Therefore, since flowers can bring smiles and happiness, people who receive flowers tend to spread smiles and joy throughout the day.

The Rutgers study also revealed that women who receive flowers at home are likely to keep them in an area that is accessible to everyone in the house, like the kitchen or living room.

It means that everyone in the house benefits from the flower gifts as it may send a more positive emotion as it did the receiver.

Anytime you want to brighten someone's day or leave a positive impression, sending them a bouquet is a sure way to go! If you are looking for flower delivery service in PJ or KL? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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