Unlock the Hidden Message of Number of Roses

Unlock the Hidden Message of Number of Roses

hidden message of number of roses

As the symbol of love, roses emit beautiful positive feelings. They symbolize love and beauty, so it is no surprise that they are the masterpiece of all the flowers.

Blossomed roses could represent love that has already blossomed. Tightly closed buds could mean undeclared emotions. One should also mindful of the colour of roses. F

or example, red means love; white signifies purity; yellow implies friendship. 


When it comes to the number of roses, do you know how many stalks of roses are appropriate to express your feelings? Read on to find out!


1 Rose Love at first sight

2 Roses Deep love

3 Roses ‘I love you’

4 Roses ‘Till death do us part’

5 Roses Strong admiration

6 Roses To tell a special someone ‘I wanna be yours’ and take your relationship to the next level

7 Roses Infatuation

8 Roses To express thankfulness for caring and support

9 Roses Till eternity

10 Roses ‘You’re perfect’

11 Roses ‘You are my treasure’

12 Roses ‘Will you be mine?’

13 Roses ‘Let’s be friends forever’

14 Roses ‘I’m proud of you’

15 Roses A sincere apology

16 Roses Bon Voyage

17 Roses ‘You’re my wife’

18 Roses To tell a special someone to ‘stay young and beautiful’, in all sincerity

19 Roses To give someone you plan to wait for

20 Roses Sincerity and belief

21 Roses To show your commitment

22 Roses Togetherness and good luck

24 Roses ‘You’re always on my mind’

25 Roses ‘Wishing you all the happiness in the world’

27 Roses The perfect way to tell your wife how much you love her

30 Roses Faith and faithfulness

33 Roses ‘I love you the most and I want to love you forever’

36 Roses ‘I will remember our romantic moments’

37 Roses ‘I love you from the bottom of my heart’

40 Roses Genuine love

44 Roses Constant love

47 Roses ‘You are my one and only’

48 Roses Unchanging love

50 Roses ‘My love to you is unconditional’

51 Roses ‘You are my one and only on my mind’

56 Roses Love

66 Roses ‘Nothing gonna change my love for you’

77 Roses ‘It’s faith to meet you, my soulmate’

88 Roses ‘I owe you a big apology. Please forgive me’

99 Roses ‘I love you till my last breath’

100 Roses ‘I’m totally devoted to you. My love to you will last for 100 years’

101 Roses ‘You are my one and only’

108 Roses ‘Will you marry me?’

111 Roses Eternal love

144 Roses ‘Loving you day and night forever’

365 Roses ‘I love you every single day’

999 Roses ‘My love to you will last until the end of time’

1001 Roses Infinite love


In a Nutshell

Roses have long proven to be one of the most beautiful, charming and popular gifts anyone can receive.

While all flowers are beautiful, roses often stand out above the rest. Unlock the hidden message behind number of roses to find the perfect rose bouquet to your liking.

If you are choosing a rose bouquet for loved one do so with the useful tips above to get the message across. Last but not least, find an online florist that has an excellent same-day delivery service like Flower Sugar, your friendly flower shop.

We offer high-quality roses with a great arrangement and reliable flower delivery service in KL and PJ. 

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