How to Pick the Right Flowers for Different Occasions?

How to Pick the Right Flowers for Different Occasions?

Flowers for every event

Giving flowers on different occasions is a tradition that has gone on for ages. Flowers are the beauty of nature, and they have the magical powers that instantly change mood and aura of an environment.

Whether it is New Year’s celebration, Valentine’s Day, baby showers, hospital visits, birthdays, marriage proposal, wedding, graduations or any other occasions, the right flowers can help set or change the mood.

If you are planning for a party or event, talk to a florist near you to suggest the best type of flower arrangement for your event. If you reside in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, visit our website or speak to one of our friendly florists for suggestions.

Here are some flowers you can gift your friends and loved ones on different occasions.

1. Mother's Day Flowers

Our mothers have a special place in our hearts for not only giving birth to us but also raising and caring for us even after we grew into adulthood. Mother’s Day is a special day that honours the sacrifices and loves of all mothers. It is also a day that reminds us to express our love and appreciation for our mothers.

Pink colour usually denotes femininity and motherhood. As such, a pink bouquet is one of the most popular choice of flowers for mothers.

Some of the flowers suitable for Mother’s Day include:

2. Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th of February every year. Whether you are bringing your partner for a date or planning to tell your crush about your feelings, picking the right flowers will set the mood right.

There are times when even a single red rose can be the right gift — because quantity is not the most important factor. What matters is your expression of love, and appreciation towards your partner. 

Make sure to preorder the flowers for Valentine’s Day at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure availability. Flower prices also tend to increase closer to Valentine’s Day. Place your order early to enjoy lower prices.

Below are some of the perfect valentine's day flower gift:

3. Get Well Soon Flowers

Sending flowers to hospital patients is a sure way to express your care towards them. It may also brighten up their days. Before sending any flowers to the hospital, make sure to check with the respective hospital for their policies regarding fresh flowers. Try to avoid sending high-pollen flowers to hospital as they may trigger allergic reactions.

We recommend the following flowers as gifts to hospital patients:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Orchids

4. Thank You Flowers

Don't wait for a special occasion to express your gratitude. Giving a small gesture like sending flowers on an usual day could sometimes yield a big surprise. Flowers are perfect for expressing gratitude, especially when accompanied by a “thank you” note. 

Flower Sugar provides a complimentary message card for every purchase of flower bouquet. Make sure that you enter your message on our Cart page before completing the payment.

Some thank you flowers include:

  • Carnations
  • Ping pongs
  • Sunflowers
  • Peach roses
  • Hydrangeas

5. Anniversary Flowers

There are ups and downs in every relationship and it is an ongoing efforts of both parties to maintain a healthy and lasting connection with each other. Anniversary provides an opportunity for us to do so. 

There are many ways to celebrate an anniversary, but it is never complete without flowers. If you are looking for flowers for your next anniversary with your loved one, Flower Sugar has a wide range of local and imported flowers that will suit your need.

Remember that every anniversary marks a significant milestone of a relationship. If you plan to get a flower arrangement of specific design that is not available in your local flower shops, talk to us to customise your perfect flowers to complement the celebration of that important milestone of your relationship.

We recommend the following flowers for the anniversary: 

6. Birthday Flowers

It is becoming increasingly common to send flowers as gifts to our friends on their birthdays. If you plan to send flowers to an office address, consider sending one of our flowers boxes or mini flower stands that can be displayed on work desk. Add on a transparent balloon with customisable wording to make your gift truly special.

Apart from hand bouquets, the items below are also available at Flower Sugar:

There are so many reasons to give flowers to someone you love. Send flowers to your loved one to put a smile on his/her face today.

Do you have an event coming up? Are you looking for special type of flowers or designs that are not available elsewhere or do you want to gift flowers to a friend or family member? Get in touch with Flower Sugar, your friendly flower shop in Kuala Lumpur, for any enquiry that you might have. 

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