Ten Ideas to Help You Celebrate Your Anniversary: Long-Distance Edition

Ten Ideas to Help You Celebrate Your Anniversary: Long-Distance Edition
Long distance anniversary ideas


Long-distance relationships are increasingly possible and successful with the advancement of modern communication tools. However, there is a challenge for lovers who are miles apart when it comes to celebrating anniversaries.

If you are in a long-distance relationship with your anniversary looming and no idea how to celebrate it together with your partner, you're actually in luck. Below is a rundown of various great ideas for a long-distance relationship anniversary celebration – one is bound to be the perfect one for you and your partner.

1. Plan Ahead

Knowing ahead of time that you won't be spending your anniversary together with your partner is the key to making your celebration a success. Once you know, you can plan to send a box of gifts or letters with instructions to be opened on the anniversary day.


2. Record a Video Message

Can't be with your lover physically on your anniversary? Being apart may be the norm for your relationship, but there is always a new way to make them feel close and connected to you. Try recording a creative, romantic, and maybe even cheesy video to put a smile on their face. There are various apps you can use to create loving video messages.

3. Set Up a Virtual Date

Arranging a dinner date isn't limited to the physical world, it can also be taken into the virtual space. Once you're done setting up a dinner FaceTime with them, enjoy the moment as if they are physically there with you. Spice things up by dressing elegantly and setting up a meal that reflects your partner’s favourite things, or maybe even recreate your first date! Show your heartthrob how significant they are to you regardless of distance.

4. Write a Love Letter

Old-fashioned letter writing is an appealing way to change up your way of communication with your significant other. Write a love letter detailing how much you love them, share favourite moments with them, and what plans you have made for a future together. The fact that you made time to pen your affection for them in a physical form and mailed it will make them feel incredibly special.

5. Send Flowers

Nothing comes across better than sending your partner flowers on your anniversary. Flowers are beautiful and romantic. There are even various flower combinations that you can pick from to convey a romantic message in the language of flowers to your partner on your anniversary. If your partner lives in Klang Valley, you can shop for a wide variety of flowers and order them from an online florist, such as Flower Sugar, to send to your partner using same-day flower delivery service in Klang Valley, PJ and Kuala Lumpur.

6. Perform Your Special Activities

When you are not with your lover on your anniversary, you can still enjoy the activities you love doing. Rather than feeling sad that they are not there with you, you can hang out with friends and do the things you love. You can keep your partner in the loop by sending them videos or pictures of what you're doing. This way they can get involved and enjoy the activities with you.

7. Play Online Games

Get into a competitive mood with your partner on your anniversary by playing an online game with them. There are various online games that you can play and enjoy with them. Some app-based party and puzzle games are fun and do not have time restrictions.

8. Watch Movies

Instead of a virtual dinner and drinks, you can log in to a video call and set up to watch a movie together. Choose a movie you will both enjoy. You can chill out at the same time on Netflix, just don't forget to grab the popcorn and candy.

9. Reschedule

When it looks unlikely that you two will be celebrating your relationship anniversary in person together, you can always reschedule until when you meet next. Rescheduling the anniversary until you are physically together again may be the best way to celebrate it most romantically. As long as your partner agrees, this is a great option.

In a Nutshell

Celebrating your anniversary is an outstanding time to revisit memories of how you came across your love. The tips above will guide you towards achieving a successful and memorable anniversary celebration. Most especially, sending your partner a gorgeous flower arrangement will let your partner know that you care about him or her on your anniversary. If you are looking to send special flowers for your special person, browse the flowers at Flower Sugar, offering reliable flower delivery services, including same-day delivery service at applicable locations. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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