How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

Dating is a beautiful thing. Meeting the person who makes your heart skip a beat and grow butterflies in your stomach, then forging a relationship with them is among the most amazing parts of life. At a certain point in the relationship, it is time to fully commit to your partner, and one of the ways that this can be done is by getting married.

However, this does not happen without first popping the question. Getting down on one knee is made by many to be as memorable as possible. How can you pull off the perfect proposal that will leave your partner talking about it for years? Sit back and continue reading.


1. Talk to the Parents

Before you propose, you may want to go old school by asking permission from your lover’s parents for their child’s hand in marriage. It is not as if their approval is pivotal to your future marriage, but this step can help you win their participation in planning the perfect proposal, and increase your chances of success in securing a ‘yes’.

If your future bride’s parents are deceased, you can go to their close friends or closest family member. They can also play a role in creating this exciting moment.


2. Make Sure Your Partner is Marriage Ready

You do not want to waste time and money perfecting plans to propose only to find out that your other half is not on the same page with you. Asking too early could lead to emotional damage for both of you.

Subtly tell her amid a conversation that you want to get married in the future and ask if she wants to get married too someday. Just keep it casual. At the end of the conversation, you will be able to figure out if she is ready for the proposal you are cooking up.


3. Hire a Professional

Everyone wants to execute or receive the perfect, swoon-worthy proposal. You can make the whole plan by yourself or outsource some parts of it to a pro. Be it an event planner or a florist find someone trained and experienced in making your ‘getting down on one knee’ moment a memorable one. You can even sit back and relax while they do all the work behind the scenes while you take all the glory.


4. Choose a Location

The location where you pop the question is just as important as the other forms of preparation you are making. It has the potential to increase how memorable the proposal will be. Go for a location that holds a significant meaning for the two of you. It could a diner, shopping mall, beach, or any other place. Ensure that you are not simply following the trendy places. There may be a restaurant on everyone’s lips as the perfect place for a romantic night out. If that place will be old news in the future, remove it from your list of proposal location options.

Choose a place that will always be there to remind you of the beautiful moment you created.


5. Choose the Right Ring

The ring you put on her finger is the centrepiece of the proposal, and as such, you should give it some serious consideration. You might want to make the ring personal. Make sure you get a ring that she will adore, as this may be essential in making her say ‘yes’ to your proposal.


6. Use Flowers

Using flowers to display your love for your romantic partner is an age-long tradition. It will be integral on the day you pop the question. Creative use of flowers during a proposal is important to influence the mood that the occasion will spark. Each flower carries a meaning and can be combined to create the perfect romantic message. For example,

  • Roses- symbolize love, enthusiasm, and romance
  • Carnations- show admiration
  • Hydrangeas- signifies gratitude, grace, and beauty
  • Sunflowers- represent unwavering faith and unconditional love

You may offer her a flower, or an entire bouquet, before you get down on one knee and bring out the ring.


7. Be Yourself

As much as you will be tempted to be tense and nervous, just be yourself during your proposal. You are only asking your partner to be with you for the rest of your lives. Do not be afraid to mix up your script. If you do, just laugh it off and remind yourself that you are only human and this is a real-life situation, not a rom-com.


In a Nutshell

Making a marriage proposal is an important step to take a romantic relationship to a more committed level. The tips discussed above can be followed if you want to make an ideal proposal and a memory that will last a lifetime. Get in touch with Flower Sugar, your friendly online florist in KL (Kuala Lumpur). We offer reliable flower delivery services in Klang Valley and PJ. For more information feel free to get in touch with us.

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