Baby’s Breath Flowers: History and Meaning Behind Them

Baby’s Breath Flowers bouquet
Baby’s Breath Flowers bouquet

When it comes to the most popular choice of a filler flower, the name Baby’s Breath is always mentioned. As early as the 1820s, it can be seen tucked into floral arrangements for various events.

Today, the way Baby’s Breath flowers are used has changed so that, instead of being filler flowers, they can be the centrepiece of the floral bouquet.

In this post, we are going to look at the history of Baby’s Breath flowers and the meaning behind them. We want to give you the information to love and appreciate this flower even more. 


History of Baby’s Breath Flowers

Baby’s Breath found their way into the United States of America in 1828 during the Victorian era when Victorian gardeners preferred snowy white floral arrangements and gardens.

Before being introduced into America, they had popularity in Africa, Eurasia, and Australia. Victorian gardeners fell in love and named them "Baby’s Breath flowers".

Also known as the Gypsophila family, Baby’s Breath derive their name from the sort of soil they thrive on. They grow best in soil that is rich in gypsum, a calcium mineral that makes soil thick and heavy.

The name implies that the plant has a great affinity for gypsum and flourishes in areas that have deposits of the mineral. More well-known, Baby’s Breath's common name was coined based on the frequency it is chosen for baby shower gifts.

The flower features a lacy floral canopy that is known to attract a variety of bees. Baby’s Breath flowers are drought, heat, and soil tolerant.


Meaning Behind Baby’s Breath Flowers

Baby’s Breath flowers come in a variety of colours. These colours are affiliated with meanings that make them ideal gifts for different occasions. The following are the different meanings for Baby’s Breath flowers’ spectrum of colours.


White Baby’s Breaths symbolize purity, innocence, faith, cleanliness, virginity, perfection, adorability, kindness, humility, heaven, light, goodness, and softness.

They can be used as birthday gifts or in wedding floral arrangements. White is the most widely sold colour of Baby’s Breath.



If you come across pink Baby’s Breath flowers, you can use them as gifts for celebrating the birth of a girl or for sending a romantic message to your love interest.

Symbolizing femininity, romance, charm, and tenderness, they are suitable for the occasions highlighted above.



Do you have a friend or crush whose trust and loyalty you want to win? Presenting blue Baby’s Breath flowers to them can be the right way to assure them they can trust you.

Blue Baby’s Breath symbolize loyalty, sincerity, confidence, wisdom, faith, and sincerity.


Butter Yellow:

Butter yellow Baby’s Breath are a perfect floral gift for the people in your life who are celebrating a wedding.

Meaning light and joy, they can bring light to the occasion. You can find this floral arrangement in different artificial colours and designs.



Red is among the most popular colours for Baby’s Breath and can be the perfect gift for your romantic partner. It is most often seen in romantic settings, as it symbolizes love, affection, and romance.

A bouquet of red Baby’s Breath is a good way to express your love to your partner and loved ones. With their fresh and gentle scent, they will melt the heart of the person you're in love with.


A bouquet of Baby’s Breath flowers signifies the intent and desire to live a long life with your loved ones or romantic partner. They also symbolize your adoration of the recipient.

Baby’s Breath flowers usually have a lifespan of five to ten days. To extend their longevity, it is advised to keep them away from air-conditioned rooms, as they will easily dry out under too much air conditioning.

Always ensure the edges are trimmed to preserve moisture and freshness.


In a Nutshell

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